About Nathan Croft

Self-proclaimed first-world-fantasy-anarchist, lover/writer of contemporary, punk, and literary fantasy & mythology. Connoisseur of trope subversion and elegant rule dissection.
Adoration to R. Zelazney, L. Grossman, C. Mieville, T. Pratchett, D. Adams, C. Lewis, U. LeGuinn, and a few Brandons.
Homunculus and the Cat is the first of three book set, called The Omnitheon Cycle, published by Curiosity Quills. To be followed by The Naga Ship, and The Fourth House.
Into post rock, lo-fi, prog-house, most anything-tronica, neo-folk, chiptune. Incessant gamer. Nintendo fanboy. Into retro games and open-world & sandbox games.
Runs a few local gaming groups. #teaminstinct
website: www.nathancroft.com