About Matt Weber

I’m the author of the post-post-apocalyptic science fantasy THE DANDELION KNIGHT, its companion novella DISPATCH FROM A COLORED ROOM, and the short story collections REVERIE SYNDROME and VERSO. I’ve published short fiction in NATURE, THE NASSAU LITERARY REVIEW, and COSMOS; my story “Statler pulchrifex” appears in FUTURES FROM NATURE, and “Keynote Speech: Fourth Annual Symposium on Information Disorders, Inaugural Section on Reverie Syndrome” has been featured on Wattpad. I’ve also published research articles in several of the better journals in psychology and neuroscience, but that was in another country and, besides, the wench is dead. My epic fantasy, THE EIGHTH KING, is forthcoming from Curiosity Quills.

For the rest of it, I’m a data scientist by trade, a neuroscientist by training, a father and husband by love and grit and happenstance, a coffee junkie by necessity. I work for a company that doesn’t like me to use its name in promotional materials, and I live in New Jersey with my wife and three children, who are better than all of you stacked on top of one another. Nothing personal. I have Internet presences:

Blog and site: www.cobblerandbard.com
Twitter: @mattweberphd
Wattpad: @Matt_Weber
… or find me under my name at Facebook and Goodreads.