About Joan O. Scharf

Joan O. Scharf:  Imaginative writer of gritty short stories.  Born in farm country of the Catskill Mountains and traveled the world.  Utica College, Utica NY/science major; Faxton Hospital/RN degree; SanFrancisco State College/studied French; Hodges University, Florida/creative writing.  Books include: Hanging on a Twisted Line…an eclectic short-short story  mix of genres with compelling unexpected endings.  Valentine Tales…geared for young readers; the humorous adventures of a curious mischievous boy in the early 1900’s.  The Dark of the Island (e-book) filled with intrigue, suspense and horror.  Also published in 6 Anthologies and a variety of magazines.

Email:   oakiduo@aol.com  Books available at Amazon.com, and through Barnes and Noble.