About Jessica Gunn

Born in Connecticut and raised on science-fiction and fantasy, it was inevitable Jessica Gunn would end up writing novels. She spent most of high school binge-watching a plethora of “old” and current sci-fi shows before diving into fanfiction. Jessica wrote her first novels in high school.

In college, Jessica studied anthropology where she learned enough about ancient civilizations and flintknapping to inspire GYRE, her first published novel. But being honest, daydreams of Atlantis and other ancient mysteries have captivated her for over a decade.

Jessica now lives as a continuous student of the writing craft in small-town Connecticut. She remains an avid fan of stories of the wormhole and superhero variety. Oh, and villains. She loves villains. When not working or writing, she can be found attending to her ever-growing TBR pile and hiking the forests of New England.

To catch up with Jessica, follow her on Twitter (@JessGunnAuthor), her website, www.jessicagunn.com, or sign up for Jessica’s newsletter: https://t.co/bK0kMGz39L