About James Wymore

Always curious, James Wymore spent his youth exploring the many places his family moved. Inspired by movies, cartoons, and books, his adventures in the real world often crossed over seamlessly into the imaginary world until distant planets, monster lairs, and haunted houses became everyday experiences. Tinkering extended to building traps and tracking devices. Ideas grew with the games and play until they exploded out into books.

James travelled to Asia, seeking new magic and different perspectives. He studied the science in college, adding fuel to his creative lamp. He wrote for decades, off and on, brainstorming new worlds, and compiling over a dozen books before being published. He invented games and drew comics. In print, his books represent a little of everything: science fiction and dystopian (Theocracide), fantasy (Salvation), paranormal and horror (Exacting Essence), steampunk (Under a Brass Moon), and superheroes (Thug #1). He spent the last few years as an acquisitions editor and short story anthology editor for Curiosity Quills Press.

His bestselling series, The Actuator, written in conjunction with Aiden James, combines all the genres into one dark vision of a world broken into patches of altered reality. Current projects include a YA urban fantasy series, another anthology, a comic book, a game manual, and reading to music. When he’s not exorcising his present story demons by banishing them to the page, you’ll find him at conventions running panel games with hundreds of players.

Find out what he’s doing now at http://jameswymore.wordpress.com