About Christopher Veltmann

I began my childhood in the rural regions of Illinois, living in the farm areas of Maple Park. At the age of twelve, my family moved to the suburbs of Berwyn and Cicero near Chicago. I learned quickly about the ethnic boundaries of the inner-city neighborhoods. iIt was a place where a country boy could get eaten alive. My parents were Licensed General Contractors, therefore, we moved frequently, from neighborhood to neighborhood with each new construction project. Consequently, I moved from school to school, and learned how to make new friends quickly. I graduated from Morton West High School in Berwyn, in 1972, and immediately went to the University of Denver for 2 years. Then, I transferred to Lake Forrest College in Illinois. I finished my college education graduated in 1976 with 2 bachelors’ degrees. Two years later I received my Masters Degree. After graduation I moved to Kansas City Missouri, and concurrently owned and operated 4 restaurants. I brought several companies public, while running my restaurant business. I accepted an offer to be President of Standard Oil of Delaware, in Sarasota, and moved to Long Boat Key.

In 1990 my mother committed suicide, and thus the book and story, “The Dysfunctional Conspiracy” .

Currently, I am very happily married, I have adopted my wife’s 2 sons Michael and Mathew, and I have a beautiful daughter-in-law Sydney. I am living with my wife, Carroll, in Gaston, South Carolina. My wife and I are busy teaching on-line the TOEFL Exam.