About Breeann Allison

Starting at age seven, Breeann would force her family to sit on the couch and endure countless author readings of whatever six-page, illustrated novel she had stapled together that day. Sometimes she’d record cassette tapes of these readings, ringing a bell whenever it was time to turn the page.

Twenty years later she was still scribbling bits and bobs in her spiral notebooks, attempting to pen brooding poetry and YA fantasy trilogies. She went through a particularly embarrassing phase where she was certain she’d written a steampunk novel simply because she’d added goggles onto her characters and put zeppelins in the sky.

Breeann finally found her true love in small-town paranormal mysteries. Her upcoming novel, THE COFFIN MAKER, was inspired by Halloween decorations and the lyrics to a Florence and the Machine song. She continues to fall further in love with the gothic, the macabre, and Disneyland. She is also a frequent listener of the LORE podcast and an obsessive rewatcher of TWIN PEAKS and GILMORE GIRLS.

With an English BA from BYU, Breeann has also worked as a curriculum developer, editor, and copywriter. She is currently migrating through the multiple valleys of Utah, evading the sunlight, and spoiling her rosy-cheeked nieces and nephews.

She continues her life-long journey to discover what steampunk actually means