About Beverly Williams

I spent each year of my childhood half in Maine and half in Florida, as my parents were none too fond of Maine winters. I’ve finally settled near Bangor, Maine, year-round. For a time, I helped run a local ice rink in exchange for free skating whenever I wanted. One of my favorite experiences of all time was being able to glide by myself across the ice at night, listening to whatever music I wanted through the PA system.
Music is among my greatest loves—both playing it and listening to it. My vocals appear on several songs on Disclaimer’s recent album, They Burned for 18 Days! I also enjoy sewing, rock collecting, mechanical work, and reality television. Oh, and writing. Survival Kit’s Apocalypse is my first book, and I discovered that I genuinely love these characters and that they have more to tell me, so I plan to write at least two more books in the series.
I live with one dog, one cat, one unstoppably shrieky bird, and one husband. I strongly support animal rescue programs.