About Amy Fecteau

Amy Fecteau grew up in the wilds of suburbia, along with a younger sister and brother. As a child, Amy wanted to be a doctor-farmer-princess, but unfortunately the market for doctor-farmer-princesses just isn’t what it used to be. Also, Amy was born in the United States, severely limiting her chances to become royalty.

Amy wrote her first story at age twelve, the stirring tale of friendship and witch burning. She was cruelly robbed of first place in the district writing contest by Randa C., whose story of a handicapped girl overcoming her disability was nothing but a blatant grab for the judges’ sympathy. Fifteen years later, Amy would like to say, “Suck it, Randa,” but that would be petty and childish, so she will refrain.

Amy lives in southern Maine. She collects keychains, owns a cat (named CAT) and creates eclectic art in her spare time. Currently, she is studying computer science. She blames her love of sarcasm and snark on her large, strange, wonderful family.