Video games are seriously addicting. For whatever reason you play, the game world mimics one thing better than real life: success. As we reach each level, our advancements in the game imbues us with the power to keep leveling. We seek this power for our real lives. Every year we set goals to reach, but accomplishing them can be hit or miss. By applying 5 skills you learn gaming, we can level up our ability to succeed in the real world.

#1 - Commit to the Best Things

Video games are designed so that everything we do in the game will work toward our leveling up. If we are committed to our goal we must set up our activities so they work the same way. Real life is full of distractions, many of them aren’t bad things, but by seeking those things that best benefit us we are motivated to continue. If a quest’s experience or loot is not good enough, we don’t throw down the controller and abandon the game. Instead we find a better quest in the same area and keep leveling. Commit to the best things and reach your goal!

#2 - Practice What Works

It takes practice to advance through dungeons so we can take on more difficult opponents. Our experience is one of our best assets as a gamer and as a human being. If we are attacking at a distance, and its a single enemy, we use magic missiles, there’s no need to try our new fireball spell. In life, it’s easy to get so caught up in what is making us struggle that we forget what our experience has taught us. Yes, we learn new skills and are given opportunities to expand and grow, but we can’t forget to keep doing what has proven to work effectively. That’s the first rule of leveling up, but the hardest to remember.

#3 - Try Things Differently

Even when we start a new mission or enter an unknown dungeon, we basically know what to do. We confidently stride forward and practice what works. What happens though when we’re hit with a situation where our battle strategy isn’t working, where the struggle is eclipsing the rewards? We pull out that new fire ball spell. We back track and approach the boss from another direction. We use a potion we’ve been saving for just such a moment. This all adds up to trying things differently. If we aren’t completing our mission, defeating the boss and winning the treasure we change our tactics until we overcome the obstacle to our progress.

#4 - Shed What No Longer Serves

Whether a rogue or a sniper, in a video game we have access to a select group of abilities. Every one of these skills contribute to the aim of the character: annihilation of whatever stands in the way of our goal. In life priorities change, we learn new things. Just as we abandon abilities when we re-spec our characters we need to shed what no longer serves our best things. There’s no shame in letting go of methods that while still efficient, lack effectiveness. Doing this allows us space for more powerful and advantageous methods moving forward. If we don’t shed what no longer serves it weighs us down like too much cheap loot and we can’t make progress.

#5 - Be Who You Want to Become

In a game we choose who we want to become before we even start playing. We choose skills and abilities based on what type of player that is: rogue, sniper or elementalist. In order to use these life strategies effectively we must have a vision of our future self. It’s not enough to desire specific rewards. Unlike a game we don’t all receive the same loot when we reach the same goals. By making choices that will lead us to become what we envision, we do get to keep the changes we’ve made to ourselves. Everything in life is our own choice. Choose to be the person you want to become and the rewards you seek will follow.