Kindles, Keurigs, and Keywords: The things that make a marketer in publishing go round.

KWhat does marketing at a publishing house look like? For me, it’s pretty much Kindles, Keurigs, and keywords, three things that my day-to-day revolve around. They fuel my workweek, my conversations, and how I campaign.

My livelihood and the livelihood of many authors are sustained by the use of the Kindles and its e-reader counterparts, so you can imagine that I wear through mine pretty quickly. I read galleys on my Kindle trying to find that right hook for our latest books, pull quotes from powerful or touching moments to highlight the storytelling, and basically figure out how to make you read one of our books on them (or any other format really). I also spend a lot of time stalking reviewing titles on Amazon to see what keywords I can pull and how they might affect ranking. A big part of marketing is appreciating the algorithms, the analytics behind how changing a mere word can make or break the success of a product, or it’s awareness. Getting someone to notice a book IRL is as easy as a friend handing it to you with a good word about it, but online, there are so many factors that come into play. Authors have to make sure the words they string together in a book are good; I need to make sure the words we choose to help identify the book are the right ones so that our ideal readers (I call them Jane and Ted) can find it when they search for their next read. Everything from book description to category choices to author Twitter bylines can change how a book is positioned and who finds it. Think about the types of books you read and how you find them, what do you search to find them? Do you click a cover that looks good and then read the description, or maybe search a theme you enjoy reading? This is what I have to consider each and every day, and I do it all with the help of the friendly third K in this party, my Keurig, because coffee might as well be the elixir of life. Unfortunately I don’t have the ability to sit down for ‘a cuppa’ as our British web curator and social media gal Clare would say, but thanks to technology I can still work with my authors on a one-on-one level. These three K’s help me make them as strong an author as possible (and be a civil human being before 10AM thanks to the last one!) so I’d say K is a pretty cool letter. Here’s a few more awesome things that start with K’s in case you aren’t convinced:


  • Kool-aid
  • koalas
  • kilts
  • kabobs
  • kayaks
  • kazoos
  • kittens
  • kamakazes
  • Kit-Kats
  • kiolbasi
  • kickball
  • knitted sweaters
  • kangaroos
  • kismet