COVER REVEAL AND PRE-ORDER: The Gold and Gaslight Chronicles, by Andrea Berthot, by Clare Dugmore
Those who love historical-fantasy and re-tellings, especially Andrea Berthot’s The Heartless City, are in for a treat today, as we unveil the brand new covers for books one and two, open pre-orders for book two, and announce a special contest!! The Heartless City – Out Now | New Cover | Paperback Currently Only $2.37! Henry […]
Game Of Thrones: 10 Things We’ve Learned In Season 6, by Kyle Watts
Game Of Thrones: Season Six has put out four episodes, which means we’re essentially over a third of the way through the action. Already a whole lot has been revealed and the drama is getting more exciting than ever. So without further ado, here’s a four-episode recap in the form of 10 things we’ve learned […]
“Inside” a Video Game Review, by Jason Purdy
Jason Purdy reviews "Inside" a platform game by Playdead made exclusively for Xbox One.
A Rough Week, by Robert J Defendi writing as Bob Defendi
I don’t have a lot to report this week, due to illness. We had one team join the Charity Tournament late, and I went back and finished their last round on Monday night. I’m not sure if it was that added effort, or if I caught a bug previously, but Tuesday I wasn’t feeling well. […]
Double Countdown Sale, by Clare Dugmore
Fans of fantasy, vampires, dragons and fairytale re-tellings, we have a treat for you today, as two great fantasy/ paranormal titles are on countdown sale, starting at 99 Cents. The Vampires’ Last Lover Txema Ybarra is the most unenviable nineteen-year-old girl alive. Smart, pretty, and athletically gifted, this University of Tennessee freshman should be enjoying […]
Middle-Grade SciFi and Fantasy Sale, by Clare Dugmore
Middle-Grade SciFi and Fantasy fans, we have two great books on sale for you today!! Broken Branch Falls |Countdown starting at 99 cents from June 24-26 Gabe is tired of his goblin life. Doing homework for bully ogres and laughed at as the butt of pixie pranks, Gabe wants a change. When he and his […]
Charity Tournament, by Robert J Defendi writing as Bob Defendi
Yesterday I helped run a charity tournament. Today I taste pennies. The tournament was at Dragon’s Keep in Provo, UT. The charity is RiteCare of Utah, and they are a worthy cause. Their description from the website: “We help children with all types of learning challenges related to speech and language. We are dedicated to […]
Your First Published Novel: Part 21, by Robert J Defendi writing as Bob Defendi
Book Release! Last night I had my book release party. It went better than I had any right to expect. These things, for debut authors, can be horror shows, so I hedged my bets. I asked three comedians and a woman who podcasts with two of them to perform and MC respectively. We held it […]
BROKEN DOLLS SERIES: Book One – Free; Book Two – Out now!, by Clare Dugmore
Fans of Tyrolin Puxty’s middle-grade, dystopian horror series, we have a treat for you. The second book in the series, SHATTERED GIRLS is OUT NOW and to celebrate for today only, book one, BROKEN DOLLS is FREE! About Broken Dolls Ella doesn’t remember what it’s like to be human – after all, she’s lived as […]
Overwatch Review on Xbox One, by Jason Purdy
Overwatch review on Xbox One by Jason Purdy
The December People Series: Book One Free; Book Three OUT NOW!, by Clare Dugmore
Fans of Sharon Bayliss’ urban-fantasy series The December People, about dark wizards living in modern day Texas, we have a treat for you. The third book in the series, A Taste of Death and Honey is out now and to celebrate for today only, book one, Destruction is FREE! About Destruction David Vandergraff wants to […]