Keith R. Fentonmiller Readings and Appearances, by Clare Dugmore
To coincide with the release of his fantasy novel Kasper Mützenmacher’s Cursed Hat, on March 20th, author Keith R. Fentonmiller will be doing an number of readings, signings and appearances over the coming months. Here is the current list: Book of Life Podcast – Date to be confirmed. March 21, 2017 (7:30-9:30 pm): The Inner […]
Interview with Read With Me founder Christine Brenner, by Nina Post
Welcome to the Curiosity Quills blog, Christine, and congratulations on Read With Me! Downtown Raleigh is lucky to be getting a place like that. Can you tell us a little about Read With Me and how it will serve your community? Read With Me is a children’s book & art shop located in downtown Raleigh. […]
Interview: Marisa Siegel and Lyz Lenz of The Rumpus, by Alisa Gus
Some of you might have heard that The Rumpus has a new Editor-in-Chief and owner, Marisa Siegel. Curiosity Quills Press were recently lucky enough to get an interview with Marisa, and The Rumpus Managing Editor Lyz Lenz. Thank you ladies for joining us on the CQP blog, and agreeing to answer some of our questions! […]
Opposition: Why We Need Villains, by Dani Eide
A trope is simply a common or overused theme or device in a story. Some people like the word cliché to describe them and some like the word stereotype instead. It’s all the same thing and simply means that a story element has become popular and now everyone knows about it. A trope is not […]
The Villains You Find In Online Writing Groups, by Jordan Elizabeth
I’ve taught numerous creative writing and “how to get published” classes at local libraries.  I always stress the importance of getting feedback on your work.  The paragraph might sparkle on your computer screen.  You’ve never been more proud of anything you’ve ever written.  You read it ten times, it is just amazing…and then someone else […]
Mass Effect Andromeda – Why Big Budgets Aren’t Always Better, by Jason Purdy
Mass Effect Andromeda is here. Unless you’ve been sent to another galaxy in a massive ark, you know that by now. The internet has been abuzz with chatter about Bioware’s latest entry into their much loved and occasionally maligned franchise. What are they talking about? The plot? The adventure of exploring a new galaxy? The […]
The ‘Who Killed Jason Blossom?’ Suspect List – March 2017, by Andrew Buckley
This again? Yes, this again! There’s still a killer on the loose and with new evidence comes new suspects. And as we’re sadly without a new episode of Riverdale for a couple more weeks, now seems like the perfect time to take a look at the current list of likely (and unlikely) suspects. **Spoilers Ahead! […]
The Transformative Power of Villainous Cartoons, by Vicki Keire
From a  young age, I’ve loved a good villain. I’ve always been the type to secretly root for the bad guys. Villains seem so larger than life, so much better than the hero or heroine. Villains are more powerful, more driven, more ambitious, and yes, let’s face it, they have more sex appeal. As I […]
How To Write Villains, by Astrid Kaniele
As I begin to edit a novel I’ve left alone for a few months, I’ve been thinking about my villainous characters a lot. See, there are more than I expected and they are all there at different points in the story for different reasons. There’s no way I could merge three into one. Let’s introduce […]
Whatever your politics, one thing that’s clear about the present moment in the US is that a lot of people view our President as a villain. We — not all Americans, but people who share my political affinities — believe the President is bigoted, corrupt, vindictive, indifferent to suffering at best and cruel at worst. […]
Villians We Secretly Want to Be, by Megan O’Russell
Have you ever wanted to be just a little bit evil? I don’t mean like robbing a store or something real world bad, but fantastically evil. I have henchman evil. Maybe it’s just my dramatic side, but there are a few evil folks I would shank a flying monkey to spend a day in their […]
I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Written That Way, by Benjamin Sperduto
Most of us are familiar with the old bit of writing advice that reminds us villains don’t typically think of themselves as villains, but rather as the heroes of their own story. While I think this advice is well intentioned, it often ends up being a bit reductionist. How many times, for instance, have you […]
Riverdale Recap and Review – Season 1 – Episode 7, by Andrew Buckley
That 50’s style comic book opening scene with Jughead wearing his crown and Archie in the sweater with the bowtie was beautifully shot, iconically accurate, and all sorts of creepy. This is something that Riverdale does well, I’ve seen it since episode one and they’ve managed to maintain it almost every single week so far: […]