Announcing Curiosity Thrills, by Clare Dugmore
Coming June 2015: Curiosity Thrills launches this summer with exciting offerings Curiosity Quills Press was founded four years ago with the goal of delivering high quality speculative fiction using innovative technology for the best possible reading experience. Over the last four years our catalog has grown to include hundreds of titles in the science fiction, […]
Some of our favorite costumes from World Book Day, by Clare Dugmore
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Oblitus Review, by Jason Purdy

Oblitus Review

February 27, 2015
By Jason Purdy
Oblitus is cat nip for Dark Souls fans, pure and simple. A simple, 2D iteration of the winning formula of impossibly difficult enemies, a minimalist story, and a dark and oppressing atmosphere. Add perma-death into that cocktail of pain and you’ve got a recipe for true punishment. The game’s creator Connor Ullman has somehow managed […]
Riverdale Literacy Festival Sale, by Clare Dugmore
Young-adult authors Eliza Tilton, Jamie Ayres and Krystal Wade will be at Riverdale Literacy Festival; February 26-27, 2015. To celebrate, we’re offering the titles they’ll be signing on sale for 99 cents! Wicked Path, by Eliza Tilton In Wicked Path: Book Two of the Daath Chronicles brother and sister are forced to opposite sides of […]
Interview with Jason Purdy, by Clare Dugmore
Readers of our weekly video game and movie review column The Purdy Perspective may already know Jason Purdy, and today, Curiosity Quills has the pleasure of interviewing Jason about his YouTube gaming channel Polygonasaurus, and the relationship between video-gaming and novels!   Thank you for joining us, Jason. Could you start off by telling us […]
Game the Pool! Between the Lines’ First Annual Oscar Predictions – Writer Categories Only, by Randee Dawn
The writer on a movie set is a second-class citizen, a vestigial remnant that might once have served a purpose but who, once filming has begun, can only get in the way. Once a script leaves the hands of its screenwriter, unless said screenwriter is also directing, they’re less useful than an appendix. Nobody wants […]
American Sniper Review, by Jason Purdy

American Sniper Review

February 20, 2015
By Jason Purdy
Despite the very patriotic title, and Clint Eastwood directing, American Sniper might not be the fist pumping, eagle riding, hoo rah! Slice of American propaganda pie that you might expect. Bradley Cooper stars as (Chris Kyle) the real life legendary sniper who racked up over 170 confirmed kills across four tours of Iraq. NAME was […]
Life is Strange, Episode 1 – Chrysalis, Reviewed, by Jason Purdy
Life is Strange invokes a strange range of emotions. It aims for nostalgia, harkening back to those awkward, formative teenage years that everyone has to struggle through. It’s odd that it hits the target so universally. I never went to a sun drenched high school or college in America, filled with all the typical cliques […]
10 Unconventional Reads for Valentine’s Day, by Clare Dugmore
With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, love is certainly in the air, but if you’re not looking for the usual saccharine sweetness that accompanies the holiday, CQ Social Media Manager Clare brings you a list of her 10 Unconventional Reads for Valentine’s Day. [Note from Clare: Most of these books are ones I’ve read myself, and while […]
Last Minute Gifts for Valentine’s Without a Sweet Tooth, by Nikki Tetreault
Gifts for the organized reader:   Purse Organizer by Get Bullish – $8.95 Women love having a space for everything in their purse, and this cute organizer leaves plenty of room to stash a book or two! Valentine pencils and cases- $25 Tower Bookshelf - $50 Gifts for the Zombie-Connoisseur: Zombie Survival Guide by Voodoo Tactical – […]