Plotting Your Next Novel – Phase Two: Organizing, by Robert J Defendi
Phase Two: Organizing So now I have a document full of chaos, angst, and self-doubt. It’s not unlike James Wymore’s high school yearbook. Seriously, this document is made of pure, distilled fail. If you don’t feel terrible about it, you probably did it wrong. There is an old saying about movies. I say old, but […]
Your Quick and Dirty Guide to Author Online Pitch Events, by Andrew Buckley
Aspiring authors are likely familiar with the concept of an online pitch event. There are numerous ones throughout the year: #Pitmad, #Pitchmas, #SFFPit, #WritePit, #Pit2Pub, etc.   These events are designed for people who are seeking representation, a publishing contract, or both. They offer the opportunity for authors to submit short pitches and queries on […]
Jamie Ayres Birthday Sale and Giveaway, by Clare Dugmore
Young-adult author Jamie Ayres is celebrating her birthday on August 28 by holding a sale on her paranormal-romance series My So Called Afterlife. Books one and two will be 99 cents, and book 3 will be $2.99. In addition, if you head over to the CQ social media platforms on August 28, there’s a chance […]
What the %@$& is up with YA’s Cursing?, by Nikki Tetreault
Language is a powerful thing. It can relay emotion, politics, and opinion, and it can be used to to skew perspective in a multitude of ways (Check out Aldous Huxley’s Words and Behavior excerpt) Most of the words we use on a regular basis are automatic and unconscious, derived from a slew of variables including […]
Reviving an Old Manuscript, by Clare Dugmore
Reviving an Old Manuscript, by Vicki Kiere For most of us, becoming a writer takes practice. Writing is a craft, after all, that has to be honed, and that means multiple drafts and revisions to get it right. Personally, I wrote three books and a novella before I published my actual debut novel. And even […]
Silent Clarion, Chapter Fifty-Eight, by Matthew Graybosch
If there’s a God, and it possesses any control over the events of our lives, then asking a question like What else could possibly happen? is tantamount to teasing a bored cat with a laser pointer. As soon as somebody does so, it’s inevitable that causality, fate, or a malicious deity with a juvenile sense […]
Reviewer Feedback, by Clare Dugmore

Reviewer Feedback

August 25, 2015
By Clare Dugmore
Reviewer Feedback: When To Listen And Change Your Story And When To Take It With A Pinch Of Salt We’ve all been there; we’ve gone online to check the stats on our latest novel, and discovered a critical review. Of course we don’t reply to the reviewer (unless we’re publishing a web serial on sites […]
Serial Sale, by Clare Dugmore

Serial Sale

August 25, 2015
By Clare Dugmore
In anticipation of the next instalments in our serialized novels Undercover Empath, The Vampire Circus, Havelock, Detour to Apocalypse and Silent Clarion, from August 25 – 30 all first instalments are FREE! The Vampire Circus, by Rod Kierkegaard, Jr. It is June of 1923. After serving twenty years on death row for executing five vampires, […]
Plotting Your Next Novel: Phase One – Real Brainstorming., by Robert J Defendi
Last week I spoke about my preliminary work I do before real plotting. I also explained how James Wymore abuses our national symbol and terrorizes other writers in their homes. Also, I reduced my diet coke intake by half, so I might have been hallucinating a wee bit. But that’s neither here nor there. I […]
Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist Review, by Jason Purdy
If you ever dabbled in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! Then this might be a weird trip to the Shadow Realm for you. Whether you bought a couple of packs of cards after watching one episode of the fairly terrible but strangely addictive anime, or whether you were a diehard fan who followed tournaments and ban […]