Triple 99 Cents Sale, by Clare Dugmore
YA fantasy Escape From Witchwood Hollow, by Jordan Elizabeth, SciFi thriller Dead New World, by Ryan Hill, and paranormal horror Sharcano, by Jose Prendes are all on sale for 99 Cents; October 23 -24! Escape From Witchwood Hollow **Noveltunity Book Club March 2015 Nominee** Everyone in Arnn – a small farming town with more legends […]
CQ Feature: Macabre Monthly Online Markets and Charlotte Clark; Design Maker, by Clare Dugmore
This month, Curiosity Quills is excited to bring you details of a special Online Macabre Market, perfect for all your spooky holiday shopping and featuring designs from West Midlands, UK artist Charlotte Clark. CQ will be joining with both of these wonderful creative ventures to bring you some special DARKCHYLDE offers! Macabre Monthly Online Markets […]
Outlast 2 – First Thoughts, by Jason Purdy
Jason Purdy's first thought on Outlast 2 following the demo preview.
The Grind, Week 2, by Robert J Defendi writing as Bob Defendi
Remember sleep? I don’t. I bet sleep was nice. Things are going great. This blog post will probably be short because I want to stay laser focused. To remind readers, my goal is to create second drafts of two novels in two weeks, before my vacation, which includes a rather large pile of critique notes. […]
Back to the Grind, by Robert J Defendi writing as Bob Defendi
I don’t even know where this blog post fits. Getting your Third Book Published? Sleepless Nights for Fun And Profit? Goodbye Video Games? I tend to work in spurts. New writing is steady. I do about a thousand words or the equivalent in plotting, most weekdays. During convention season, when a lot of writing groups […]
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime – Review, by Jason Purdy
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, a multiplayer couch co-op game reviewed by Jason Purdy.
Alice England Scavenger Hunt, by Clare Dugmore
**CONTEST CLOSED** Congratulations to the winner, Caroline, and thank you to everyone who took part in the Scavenger Hunt. The book featuring Alice england, STRANGE TRUTHS, is out now! Some of you may have heard of Alice England. She’s the star of an upcoming mystery novel from Curiosity Quills. Alice has talked the publisher into […]
Take A Deep Breath, by Robert J Defendi writing as Bob Defendi
There is a common occurrence at my writer’s groups and I think it might help any new writers that might happen to stumble upon this blog, perhaps while looking for the lyrics to a Hamilton song. Here. I’ll help the search engines. “The Election of 1800” + “Lyrics” Good. Anyway, this problem often starts with […]
Earning Good Karma, by Robert J Defendi writing as Bob Defendi
One of the things I try to remember is to spread the love. Buy other people’s books. Share other people’s links. Promote other people’s sales. Those are the obvious ones. I had a less obvious opportunity Thursday. Daniel from Dungeon Crawler’s Radio posted on Facebook in the afternoon, saying that all of his co-hosts had […]
Overcooked Review  – A Five Star Meal, by Jason Purdy
Overcooked Review - A Five Star Meal