Game Of Thrones: 10 Things We’ve Learned In Season 6, by Kyle Watts
Game Of Thrones: Season Six has put out four episodes, which means we’re essentially over a third of the way through the action. Already a whole lot has been revealed and the drama is getting more exciting than ever. So without further ado, here’s a four-episode recap in the form of 10 things we’ve learned […]
Matchmaking May, by Clare Dugmore
This May Curiosity Quills have a match made in heaven for you! To celebrate the first book birthday of Game of Love, and the French Open, Ara Grigorian’s award-winning, new-adult, contemporary-romance will be just 99 cents from May 4 – 23, 2016! Game of Love Gemma Lennon has spent nearly all of her 21 years […]
Your First Published Novel: Part 18, by Robert J Defendi writing as Bob Defendi
Eight days. The book releases in eight days. So no we’re in our final push. Honestly, we’re probably handling stuff we should have handled earlier, but you know how schedules are. I think one of the big hold-ups is the cover, and I think for that we’re waiting on the designer. Monday we received two covers […]
Better Call Saul – Season 2 Review, by Jason Purdy
Better Call Saul – Season 2 Review by Jason Purdy
Second Novel and Trips to the Vet, by Robert J Defendi writing as Bob Defendi
I’d scheduled the end of last week and the beginning of this week to begin the revision of my second novel. I promised to turn it in at the end of the month. I expected to have some delays, notably from the fact that I don’t have much time on Thursdays and Fridays and Saturday […]
Your First Published Novel: Part 16, by Robert J Defendi writing as Bob Defendi
This week, things are starting to move again. First of all, I received word that John Scalzi accepted Death by Cliché for his Big Idea blogs. He does a fair number of those yearly, so I don’t know how tough the competition is, but I was flattered. And delighted, of course. The  marketing people at […]
Captain America: Civil War – Review, by Jason Purdy
Captain America: Civil War, the superhero movie review by Jason Purdy
5 Tips for Public Readings, by Robert J Defendi writing as Bob Defendi
In my years of working conventions, I’ve seen a lot of readings. I’ve only seen some good ones. Readings are difficult, and not everyone had a long, embarrassing history in theater to give them a firm foundation in public readings. So I thought I’d put together some of my best tips here to help you […]
Z is for Zombies, by Clare Dugmore
Walkers, Biters, The Living Dead, The Undead. No matter what you call them zombies are HUGE in popular culture. From George A. Romero’s movies to TV Show The Walking Dead, zombies as the antagonist are everywhere. But in recent years we’ve seen a rise in zombies as the protagonist, in films such as Warm Bodies […]
Y is for Youtube, by Rena Rocford
I might be dating myself, but I remember a time before Youtube. Yes, it was the dark ages of the internet, a time of Friendster and Livejoural. Then along comes Youtube. When I first heard about it, I thought it would be the most boring thing ever. I thought it would be tons and tons […]