The Greatest Novel in the (Feline) World - Reading CatI’ve been connected with Curiosity Quills for close to a year now. This relationship with an elite literary group has inspired me to think about writing a book.  I think I would be a fabulous author, since I am fabulous at everything else I do.

I like the idea of being even more famous, receiving fan mail, and having an expense account. I can see myself autographing copies and screening requests for interviews.  And there is always caviar at author events, right?

I’ve put in a lot of time on my manuscript.

Literally — I’ve got over 200 naps logged on it.

I’m screening publicists and looking for the perfect cover photo.  I need some help, though, coming up with a title.  I was hoping my dedicated fans could help me choose this starting point, and then I could work on the rest of the content between naps.

Here’s a list of the top contenders:

  • The Unbearable Stupidness of Dogs
  • Fifty Shades of Cat Fur
  • What to Expect When You Have a Cat
  • The Hungry Cat’s Games
  • Game of Couches
  • The Cat Who Batted the Catnip Mouse
  • The Art of Napping on the Couch
  • Diary of an Adorable Cat
  • C is for CFB
  • Eat, Nap, Snack
  • Me*w My Cat Says
  • Three Bowls of Cat Food
  • Are You There, Couch?  It’s Me, CFB
  • Cream for Cats
  • Going Couch:  A Cat’s Life
  • Eat This!  And That!
  • A Tale of Two Couches
  • The Very Hungry Kitty
  • To Kill a Chickadee
Leave a comment to vote for your favorite, and  keep an eye on the best seller lists.

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Cat Food Breath
Cat Food Breath
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