This week we will be introducing each member from our Acquisitions team. Please give a round of applause for James Wymore!

photoI like all types of speculative fiction; including urban, epic, and literary angles on sci-fi, fantasy, and all the punks.
I like YA and Adult books that expand minds, preferably to the point of blowing them.
Horror, thrillers, and paranormal can be great, too.  (Note exceptions below.)

A lot of agents and editors SAY they want experimental or different work, but I mean it.  As long as it is showing (not telling) and the story is compelling– the stranger the better!

Make me cheer, not cringe.  I love to see the world in a new way.

 I enjoy positive religious themes if they don’t overpower the book.  Super heroes and secret societies are in. Regurgitated D&D games are out.  I do not like romance, erotica, excessive profanity, satanism, anti-religious themes, anarchy, pointless gore, or anything which would be described by reasonable people as gratuitous.

The only time the word “graphic” should come up is if it’s a graphic novel, and then I’ll like it.

If you have a manuscript that would be of interest to James, email him at James(at)curiosityquills(dot)com but not before you check out our submission guidelines. Good luck and Happy Querying!

About the Author

Courtney Worth Young
Courtney Worth Young
Courtney Worth Young is a hometown girl from Southeast Texas who loves to read and write paranormal and fantasy fiction for young and new adults. Musical theatre gives her the warm fuzzies along with ghost stories, urban legends, and anything composed by John Williams. She views her life as if it were a sitcom and secretly geeks out at the mention of George Lucas, Anne Rice, or JK Rowling. Courtney is a night owl with a day job and a self-proclaimed coffee aficionado. “After the Woods” is her debut novel.