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These competitors have not only survived NaNoWriMo – but also Round One of the NaNo-Virtuosos Competition ’2013 – a grueling, nerve-racking experience that threatens to send even the most collected competitor into nervous breakdown.

Update: The votes in!

Please don’t start any fires, overturn parked vehicles, or streak through the streets wearing a horse head mask. Curiosity Quills Press shall not be held responsible for your eventual arrest and sentencing to running the Kentucky Derby.

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NaNo-Virtuosos Round Two Results

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The final, ultimate challenge – Round Three – is just days away. The final five will face their most challenging nemesis yet… themselves

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In this round, a special community vote was held, to nominate a winner to receive a professionally done cover for their book from our amazing illustrator, Ricky Gunawan (credited with the covers for The Devil You KnowThe Gathering DarknessThe Stein & Candle Detective AgencyThe Last Donut Shop of the Apocalypse, and many more).

The results of that vote are in as well, and here they are:
NaNo-Virtuosos Cover Vote Results

Remember, you can see the cover concepts in question inside each entry’s book page.

Congratulations, everyone!

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Called Fox, by Rosemary Savage

Destruction. Devastation. A once-grand kingdom now in ruins. No life remains, no stone sits atop any other. Its name forgotten, its tale must be told.

A curse fell over the kingdom, its source and cure unknown. The people forget their names, and grow ill before the curse takes them. Hope is lost… until the King dreams of a prophecy predicting the birth of a princess to save the land and its desperate people. But the prophecy is wrong, and instead a prince is born. Still, the King will not give up. The boy is called Fox, and raised a princess.

Young Fox wants nothing more than to save his kingdom, though he does not know how. Though he is a child, he searches for answers wherever he can. Along the way, he meets a foreign dancer called Rain, her brother and his partner, a protective fox familiar named Livana, and a pair of Guardians who may or may not be the embodiments of Carnage and War. 

But Fox must be wary, for some evil wizards are very, very persistent. . .

Catalyst  (The Undoing Chronicles, Book 1), by Rebekah Loper

The prophecy says her death will be the catalyst for the Undoing, but it doesn’t mean Sachi wants to die. The Kashtophim have slaughtered her entire race, though. Death appears to be the only thing left for her. A chance encounter in the streets of the capital city with the head judge, Taphim, changes everything she thought she knew about the Kashtophim.

Haunted by the blood on his hands, Taphim will try anything to save Sachi – including taking her as his mistress to keep her hidden. Sachi knows he is only delaying the inevitable, but she never expected they would find redemption in each other’s arms. Then his power hungry son, Zanis, discovers their affair. Zanis captures Sachi and turns her in to the authorities in a manner that cannot be undone: while Taphim is seated as the Rashan at a public hearing.

Privately, Zanis gives his father an ultimatum – Taphim must execute the Rishka with his own hands and appoint Zanis his successor. Otherwise, Zanis will expose their affair, along with evidence to incriminate Taphim’s wife, Zareja, for treason. Trapped in a living nightmare that he never could have imagined, Taphim is surprised to find Zareja as his ally, but it may be too late to save Sachi.

Eclipse Seed, by Jessica Pearson

Ardan just wants everyone to like him, but because of a prophecy made when he was born, everyone thinks he’s going to burn down the village. No one wants him around, his own father is distant, and his only friends are his cousin and his aunt. One day, a traveling magician stops in the village, and Ardan decides that he definitely wants to grow up and learn to do magic, despite what the village says. If he can do magic, surely they will finally believe that he is good, right?

One Last Lullaby, by Rachel Hanville

Fifteen was not the age Aurora Winter wanted to start working. However, following the death of her father, she has no choice but to go to work in a nearby city for the powerful Sandford family to protect her little brothers. Ever since Sokania invaded, boys have been taken away from their families when their family cannot afford to pay Sokania’s taxes.

Aurora soon meets Hallie, a healer who lives with the Sandfords, and is asked to watch her by Roger Sandford, her boss. Aurora does not know why, but she does so knowing she doesn’t have much choice. Soon, Aurora finds out that Hallie is in the resistance and she too manages to join, even though she could get in trouble with Sokania and fired by the Sandfords if found out.

Aurora tries to keep it secret, but eventually the Sandfords find out, and she is sent back home. When she fails to get another job, her brothers are taken away. Aurora sets off to rescue her brothers, despite how dangerous it might be, not wanting her brothers to die like her father.

Salvation, by James Wymore

A man wakes on a frozen battlefield when a scavenging couple finds him among the dead. As they nurse him back to health, he is struck with the horrible realization he can’t remember who he is or anything about his past. Taken in by the kind pair, he begins helping with their farm. She even takes him to meet her family, especially her single sister. The ideal life offered in the high mountains of Winigh is shattered when he sees a transport bringing enemy monsters to the shores below. Cut off by high snow on the pass, their fate will soon be the same as the town his company failed to protect in the last battle, if this estranged soldier cannot help them fight off the next wave of invaders. Even worse, the people of the town don’t trust this Selene soldier. He has a strange resistance to their folk magic which some say make him as dangerous as the enemies preparing to destroy them.

The Girl Who Cried at Midnight, by J.D. Tucker

Steph Linder is on the hunt for another killer in this exciting sequel to The Little Girl You Kiss Goodnight. Now in training to become a policewoman in 1981 Georgia, Steph is helping her mentor, Detective Garfield Clark, catch a serial killer terrorizing Atlanta called ‘The Mother Goose Maniac.’ So far he’s kidnapped and killed three teenagers by implanting explosives into their chest, dressing them up like nursery rhyme characters, and releasing them on the outskirts of small towns only to detonate the charges at midnight. Steph, Clark, and associates have only days to save the killer’s newest victim, who is part of a grand scheme to right a wrong handed to him by an enept doctor and a politician.

The Ribbon, by Rebecca McKeown

When Taliah Greene moves into the first-floor apartment of an empty Victorian house, she starts hearing and seeing strange things. When her life takes a violent turn, Taliah is forced to believe in the unimaginable. As she digs deeper into the house’s history, she learns of its tragic and twisted past. Now, with the help of a strange woman who claims to be psychic, Taliah must fight an evil presence in order to save a little girl’s spirit from an afterlife of torment.

Bounty by Night, by Tavia K. Armstrong

Samantha Balfour seems to live the boring life of a Realty secretary, but the gloves come off when the vampyres strike.

So it makes sense that the moment she catches wind of a vampyre hunt in the making, she’s all for it. But something lurks in the shadows of this latest hunt that will catch our heroine off guard…

Follow Samantha and her vampyre hunting aides though a tale of vampyric temptations, preternatural situations, and rapid gunfire. Relish in the feeling, because the things we fear that go bump in the night are the things Sam loves to seek out the most.

Lady Eslie goes Bump in the Night, by Patti Mitchell

The telling of the life and afterlife of the lovely and charming Lady Elsinore, oldest daughter of the wealthy Victorian era Barnard family. She had the potential to become some rich old man’s adored and well-cared for wife; instead, her life is cavalierly detoured by a case of mistaken identity. Disgraced and dishonored the girl is expelled from her childhood home at the age of 14 and forced to make her way in the world the only way a disgraced girl can.

Loved by the kind and well-to-do Edmond in life might have saved her but the jealousy of his shadow-haunted and spoiled best friend Daniel is her end.

Perhaps 100 years later when her locket unites her with the adoring and uniquely gifted 15 year old Michael will she be able to find rest. Perhaps…

The Paladin Returns (Book 1 of the Veil Prophecy), by Brandice Snowden

Marie Leveau, a talented witch, gets blackmailed into working for a covert government agency that protects the masses from things that go bump in the night. But all isn’t as it seems. Danger is on the horizon that could cost the mortal world its very existance. But is the danger from without or within? Marie must pull together a team from different worlds (literally) to save our realm. Can she turn the unlikely mix of people into the team needed to shoulder the fate of the world?

Blaze Tuesday and the Case of the Knight Surgeon, by Kai Kiriyama

Blaze Tuesday and his partner Jackson Early are two of New York’s most accomplished Private Investigators, so it’s no surprise when the city’s largest medical clockwork firm hires Blaze to make a delivery of sensitive materials on their behalf. It’s somehow even less surprising when Blaze finds himself accused for a murder that he didn’t commit, and desperate to clear his name.

Soon, Blaze and Jackson find themselves in the middle of a murder-for-hire investigation that screams conspiracy and spans from the dark alleys of the city’s underworld of illegal body modification all the way up to the elite members of New York’s medical community.

The (Im)mortality Trilogy, Book One: The Last Life, by Holly Goodman

Mankind is given the opportunity to live forever after a medical breakthrough, but it isn’t long before the immortals realize there are far-reaching consequences to cheating death and the “Mortality Cure” is outlawed world-wide. When some people refuse to return to mortality, a secret faction splits off from humanity and sparks a war that may last until the end of time.

Hundreds of years after the Mortality Cure is banned, Sable and her two best friends Olen and Laris are busy planning adventures to far-off places, unaware of the growing tension and perilous nature of their world. When her friends don’t show for the Village’s annual festival and no one in the Village will tell her where they’ve gone, Sable becomes convinced that something is terribly wrong and sets off to find them.

Secrets, betrayals and death come from every direction as Sable tries to navigate the outside world and learns the value of trust, alliances, and the last life.

Star Trails, by Lauren Ring

Zach and Ethan are having the time of their lives in their sophomore year—that is, until a new “miracle drug” is released that flips their world upside down. The viral contents of the drug slowly begin to affect the entire nation, causing shifts in neural connections that lead people to either perceive time as speeding up or slowing down.

Zach is fast, but Ethan is slow: he remarks that he can even see the trails the stars leave behind them in the night sky. As the virus mutates, the young couple must find a cure before the damage becomes irreversible.

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