Dinosaur Jazz (Jurassic Club, Vol. 1), by Michael Panush - CoverMichael Panush has been a central figure in our stable of authors since shortly after our humble (but rather quite awesome) publishing house’s inception.

His Stein & Candle Detective Agency series, for example, is a flash back to classic 1920s literature, both in its ‘pulp fiction’ style and its popularity as free, serialized fiction on our website before being released as a fully-fledged novel.

June 13th sees this promising young author add another series to the Curiosity Quills Press portfolio with Dinosaur Jazz (The Jurassic Club, Vol. 1).

Our hero is Sir Edwin Crowe, son of one of the world’s last Gentleman Adventurers. Walking in the footsteps of his Victorian explorer father – the man who discovered the prehistoric paradise known as Acheron Island – it’s up to Crowe to protect these prehistoric lands from the dastardly American industrialist, Selwyn Slade, and his nefarious schemes.

Known for ambitious genre blends and quirky sci-fi, Curiosity Quills Press defies convention yet again. Readers can expect a blend of alternate history, steampunk, and adventure noir. Lovers of Panush’s pulpy writing style will find that familiar tone once more, this time painting a very new world – filled with ferocious, man-eating dinosaurs, savage Ape Man tribes, Jazz Age gangsters, zeppelins, pirates, and strange ruins from a lost civilization.

“I’ve always loved pulp stories about lost worlds and prehistoric adventure and this is my chance to create one with modern sensibilities,” says author Michael Panush. “Dinosaur Jazz is something I’ve been working on for some time — researching and fleshing out the world of Acheron Island, preparing the story and then carefully refining it. There are many stories of the Jurassic Club and I hope that Dinosaur Jazz is the first of many!”

Marketing director Lisa Gus had this to say:

“Michael is an amazing author and, ever since we first read The Stein & Candle Detective Agency, we knew he would have a long career here at Curiosity Quills. We are delighted to publish our first steampunk-inspired title aimed at the young adult crowd, especially after the enthusiastic response to Mr. Panush’s previous titles.”

Dinosaur Jazz will be released in print and on all major eBook devices on the 13th of June, and is available for reviewers on NetGalley.

About the Author

Eugene Teplitsky
Running the acclaimed Curiosity Quills Press literary magazine and publishing house along with wife and writing partner, Lisa Gus, Eugene strives to give fellow authors a fighting chance in this tumultious age. With nearly two decades of work in the financial and entertainment sectors, Eugene's experience spans the gamut from web application development, to graphic design, to search engine optimization, and social media marketing.