April 27: National Hairball Awareness Day - Cat in HatNational Hairball Awareness Day was celebrated this year on Friday, April 27.

If you almost slept through this holiday, as I did, then I am sure you will want to post this list of critical cat celebrations in a prominent location as a reminder, like at eye level on your fridge.

That’s cat eye level, by the way.

While every day with a kitty is a holiday and a reason to buy it gifts, you don’t want to miss these important dates:

  • Hairball Awareness Day:  April 27.
    Humans are supposed to take the time to consider their cat’s digestive health on this day, and educate themselves about grooming and other cat care issues.  Cats are obliged to produce as many hairballs as possible for this 24 hour period, to ensure that humans are aware of the wide range of hairball possibilities.
  • Buy Your Cat Sardines Day:  Fridays throughout the year.
    Tradition holds that the households with high sardine-to-cat ratios on these holidays will have good luck for the entire year.  It’s a festive touch to put the sardine offering on something crystal.
  • Happy Cat Month: September.
    If the kitty ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.
  • National Hug Your Cat Day:  May 30.
    Just do it.  All day.  Unless your cat would rather do something else.  Either way, it’s all about the cat.
  • Take Your Dog to Work (and Leave it There) Day:  Any time. Preferably A.S.A.P.
    This is a meaningful holiday that can happen any day of the year.  In fact, the sooner you celebrate it, the better.  If you’re reading this at work, it’s OK to take a break and go get your dog right now.  Your boss wants you to.  Trust me.  You don’t want to be “that guy” with no dog in your cubicle.
  • Boxing Day: December 26.
    A day all about boxes is so awesome.  Consider boxes in various sizes and shapes for maximum fun.  Paper bags are also acceptable as part of the day’s festivities.  Crinkle paper, packing peanuts and naps play important roles in regional Boxing Day celebrations.
  • National Napping Day: (see below)
    For humans: the day after the daylight savings time change.
    For cats: the 365 days after the daylight savings time change.
  • Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month: June.
    Shelter cats rock.  Thing One and I met in a shelter, and the rest is internet history.

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