Over the last few days, we have introduced a few of our acquisitioners. James Wymore and Alison Heller shared the types of submissions that make their mouths water. Today I am happy to welcome Andrew Buckley, acquisitions editor extraordinaire.

Andrew BuckleyI’m particularly interested in adult fantasy and sci-fi but open to any and all genres.  I generally doesn’t touch romance unless there’s some sort of bribe involved.  Cookies work.  I’m looking for original stories with strong protagonists and twisted villains.  I appreciate quirky, off-beat, hilarity, and anything involving a talking cat often catches my attention. 

I appreciate quirky, off-beat, hilarity, and anything involving a talking cat often catches my attention.

I also like the occasional horror though not the ‘and then his head got chopped off and blood splurged everywhere’ but more like ‘the little girl turned slowly in the darkness and looked at me through cold, empty eye sockets.

On top of all that I want to see a strong query letter. If it’s a bad query letter/poorly formatted/smells strange I’ll print it out just so I can have the satisfaction of feeding it to the goblin that sits next to my desk just waiting to shred things.  His name is Norman, in case anyone was wondering.

If your manuscript fits Andrews interests, please email him at Andrew(at)curiosityquills(dot)com. If it doesn’t, send boxes of cookies. Tomorrow, you will meet Acquisitions Editor Dori Cross. Please view our submission guidelines before you hit the send button or your MS will go directly to Norman. Good luck and Happy Querying!


About the Author

Courtney Worth Young
Courtney Worth Young
Courtney Worth Young is a hometown girl from Southeast Texas who loves to read and write paranormal and fantasy fiction for young and new adults. Musical theatre gives her the warm fuzzies along with ghost stories, urban legends, and anything composed by John Williams. She views her life as if it were a sitcom and secretly geeks out at the mention of George Lucas, Anne Rice, or JK Rowling. Courtney is a night owl with a day job and a self-proclaimed coffee aficionado. “After the Woods” is her debut novel.